uRADMonitor Model A3 Advanced Air Quality Monitor

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Plug and play advanced air quality monitoring station, enclosed in an aluminium body for rugged design, it has sensors for Particulate Matter (PM2.5, PM1, PM10), Ozone, Formaldehyde, Carbon Dioxide, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), temperature, barometric pressure, air humidity and noise. The A3 comes in 4 variants, with the same sensors but offering different connectivity options: Ethernet, Wifi, GSM (with a data sim card) and LoraWAN.

uRADMonitor model A3 uses the Bosch BME280 to measure air temperature, barometric pressure, humidity and humidity. A MOX VOC sensor measures volatile organic compounds. A high quality laser scattering sensor is used to detect the Particulate Matter PM2.5 concentration in air. There are two electrochemical sensors, one for formaldehyde sensor and another one for ozone and a nondispersive infrared sensor for CO2. A built in fan assures an active air flow stream across the sensing elements. There is also a noise level sensor.

Sensor Parameter Minimum value Maximum value
Bosch BME280 Temperature -40 °C +85 °C
Pressure 300 hPa 1100 hPa
Humidity 0% RH 100% RH
Winsen ZH03A PM1.0 0 μg/m³ 1000 μg/m³
PM2.5 0 μg/m³ 1000 μg/m³
PM10 0 μg/m³ 1000 μg/m³
Winsen ZE08-CH2O Formaldehyde 0 ppm 5 ppm
Winsen ZE25-O3 Ozone 0 ppm 10 ppm
Winsen MH-Z19B Carbon Dioxide 400 ppm 5000 ppm
Winsen MP503 VOC 10 ppm 1000 ppm *
SPU414/MAX4466 Noise level 30dB 130dB

* VOC concentration interval is estimated for alcohol.

The model A3 is designed as an automated, fixed, Air Quality monitoring station. The A3 is IOT and it comes in 4 variants, with the same sensors but offering different connectivity options: Ethernet, Wifi, GSM/GPRS and LoraWAN. It takes any voltage in the 6V - 28V interval and uses less than 1 Watt of power to run. A built in speaker can provide audible notifications, configurable via the dashboard. This unit doesn't have a screen, it works as a monitor and the data can be viewed remotely on a computer or on a mobile device.
Picture: uRADMonitor A3 motherboard front and bottom view
Item Parameter Ratings
Voltage External 6V - 28V
Connectivity 4 options Ethernet, WiFi, GSM, LoRaWAN
Microcontroller Atmega1284p 8 bit
Enclosure Rugged aluminium 110x80x24 mm
Your uRADMonitor unit can be mounted both indoors and outdoors, but not directly exposed to sun, to avoid overheating in warmer areas. A covered spot with some shadow if installed in the free air, is ideal. The unit has a rugged aluminium enclosure that is not rainproof due to the air vents. Make sure that nothing is blocking the air vents. The enclosure has wall-mounting brackets, making installation easy.
If you have a radio variant with an antenna, connect the antenna first. If it is the wired variant, connect it to the Internet Router using the Ethernet cable. Connect the uRADMonitor to the power source using a DC adapter with voltage between 6V and 28V or via the USB port with a 5V USB adapter.
The Ethernet variant
Make sure the device is connected to the Internet router using the Ethernet cable. Use a longer cable if needed. The Internet router must have DHCP enabled. When powered, the uRADMonitor gets an IP automatically, via DHCP, and will show up on the map automatically.
The WIFI variant
Use a smartphone or a computer with WLAN capabilities to connect to the local hotspot spawned by your A3 unit. The SSID is uRADMonitor-XX, where XX are the last two digits of the Device ID number. The key is the Device ID, in uppercase, as printed on the enclosure. Open in your browser, and click the "WIFI" link to setup the connection to the Internet AP. Enter the SSID and key of your Internet Access Point. If the connection fails, you will see the status message, and three consecutive beeps will indicated the problem. Alternatively you can change the configuration using the USB data port. See the USB manual.
The LORAWAN variant
Your device must be pre-provisioned with the LoraWAN Gateway and network server details. Alternativelly you can change the configuration using the USB data port. See the USB manual.
The GSM variant
A data SIM card must be inserted in your A3 unit before it can connect over Internet.

Starting with hardware version HW106, the LoRaWAN, Wifi and GSM settings can be customized via the USB connection. Consult your product manual for complete details.