uRADMonitor "Smoggie" Particulate Sensor

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This is an ultra-low cost automated air quality monitor with a rain proof enclosure and a simple mount system to make installation easy. It features a high quality laser scatering Particulate Matter sensor for PM1, PM2.5 and PM10 and an additional sensor for temperature, pressure and humidity. It connects to the internet via Wifi and can be powered by a standard 5V micro-usb cable. Readings are accessed via the uRADMonitor API or decentralized via your local network.
SMOGGIE is an automated, fixed, Air Quality monitoring station. It has Wifi connectivity to send the air quality measurements to the uRADMonitor Cloud in real time. It needs 5V to run, powered by a standard micro-USB cable. This unit doesn't have a screen, it works as a monitor and the data can be viewed remotely on a computer or on a mobile device.
Sensor Parameter Minimum value Maximum value
Bosch BME280 Temperature -40 °C +85 °C
Pressure 300 hPa 1100 hPa
Humidity 0% RH 100% RH
Plantower PMSA003 PM1.0 0 μg/m³ 1000 μg/m³
PM2.5 0 μg/m³ 1000 μg/m³
PM10 0 μg/m³ 1000 μg/m³
SMOGGIE is designed as an automated, fixed, Air Quality monitoring station. SMOGGIE is IOT and so it comes with built-in Wifi connectivity. It needs 5V to run, supplied via a standard micro-USB cable. The units can be managed via the dashboard. The data can be viewed remotely on a computer or on a mobile device.

Picture: uRADMonitor SMOGGIE motherboard and enclosure







5V micro-USB






8 bit


Rainproof plastic

90x70x34 mm


Your uRADMonitor unit can be mounted both indoors and outdoors where the enclosure offers protection against sun, rain or snow. The unit has a plastic cap fixed in a ring that holds the electronics . The ring comes with a wall mounting support and can be easily attached with only one screw. The sensor opening must face down for open air access. Make sure that nothing is blocking the air vents. There's a small built-in fan for active airflow.
Connect it to power using a 5V micro-USB cable. Use a smartphone or a computer with WLAN capabilities to connect to the local hotspot spawned by your SMOGGIE unit. The SSID is uRADMonitor-XX, where XX are the last two digits of the Device ID number. The key is the Device ID, in uppercase, as printed on the enclosure. Open in your browser, and click the "WIFI/CONFIG" link to setup the connection to the Internet AP. Enter the SSID and key of your Internet Access Point. If the connection fails, you will see the status message.