Davis 6110 Vantage Vue ISS and Weatherlink Live Bundle (No Console)

Davis 6110 Vantage Vue ISS and Weatherlink Live Bundle (No Console)

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For a limited time, Davis Intruments has bundled the Vantage Vue Integrated Sensor Suite and the WeatherLink LIVE together for a special price! Over a $90.00 savings compared to individual List Price.

The Davis Vantage Vue Integrated Sensor Suite and the WeatherLink LIVE combines some of their most popular products into a sleek all-in-one cloud-based weather station. The simple setup provides everything needed to have the weather station reporting online or access the weather data from a mobile device. The bundle includes the Vantage Vue Integrated Sensor Suite and WeatherLink LIVE hub.

The Vantage Vue Integrated Sensor Suite combines a rain collector, temperature/humidity sensors and anemometer/direction vane into a single unit for optimum performance and durability. The unit is energized by a solar panel during the day and stored energy for power at night. The integrated sensor suite's electronics are sealed for added protection from the elements. The assembly is even cyclic corrosion tested to simulate harsh environments such as heat, humidity and seaside conditions.

The Live hub wirelessly receives data from the Vantage Vue Integrated Sensor Suite then transmits the data to your WeatherLink.com online account via a Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable connection to your router; no console required. The Live hub includes its own barometer, inside temperature and humidity sensors. The unit.is powered with the included AC adapter with four AA batteries as backup during power outages.

You may view your weather data for FREE at WeatherLink.com or from the WeatherLink App for mobile devices with the Basic tier subscription. The free Basic personal webpage provides viewing of current conditions, such as; temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, wind speed/direction, rainfall and much more. Weather data uploads to WeatherLink.com every 1 minute. Weather data uploads to 3rd party weather reporting services, such as; Weather Underground, CWOP and GLOBE every 15 minutes.

Want more flexibility and features?

Upgrade to the Pro tier, then you may store and graph historical weather data from anywhere and anytime. Increase upload rates to every 5 minutes for 3rd party weather reporting services at a rate of US$3.95/mo., billed annually* or upgrade to the Pro+ tier and increase upload rates up to every 1 minute for 3rd party weather reporting services at a rate of US$8.95/mo., billed annually*.

  • View live, real-time weather data online via WeatherLink Cloud from anywhere at anytime from a PC, MAC or mobile device.
  • Automatically upload data to third-party weather sites, such as WeatherUnderground, CWOP (Citizen Weather Observer Program), GLOBE (Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment), and others. Simple configuration steps are required to upload to third-party weather sites
  • Set e-mail alerts for current weather or alarm conditions.
  • WeatherLink LIVE is "plug-and-play," when used with Weatherlink Cloud.
  • Download, chart, graph and analyze your weather data online with an annual subscription — ideal for schools, agriculture, scientific fieldwork and remote locations.
  • Internal auxiliary memory to safeguard recorded data.
  • Redundant battery backup to protect against data loss.
  • Receives data from Vantage Vue sensor suite located from up to 1,000 feet open air.
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa. Even if your hands are full, get details about specific current hyperlocal conditions with Amazon Alexa integration. Just Ask, "Alexa, Ask WeatherLink to get my current conditions".