Weather Display Software Licence

Weather Display Software Licence

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Weather Display is a Windows utility built specifically for helping you stay up-to-date with the latest meteorological conditions.

It sports a clean and straightforward interface that gives users the possibility to gather comprehensive information about the weather, namely average and current wind speed, temperature, barometer, pressure rate, humidity, dew point, indoor temperature and humidity.

Plus, it offers details about extreme conditions, such as maximum gust value, maximum and minimum temperature, rain rate, as well as information about rainfall.

The information is also graphically represented and you can also view a graph history.

There are several dedicated parameters for customizing the graphic layout, namely temperature, extra humidity, sunrise, and other. What’s more, you can select a default time interval and specify the maximum temperature range.

Other important features worth mentioning allow users to select the weather station type, pick the measurement unit, set the time, specify the limits for the rainfalls, change the colour for various elements, upload the information to FTP server, and send email weather alert notifications.

Credit to Author: Brian Hamilton